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2K hidden basketball skills and the new "horizontal

2022-06-23 02:26Basketball defensive tactics
Summary: Nba2k20 operation skillsBackground: NBA 2k20 is a sequel to the basketball game NBA 2K series. NBA 2k20 contains five new NBA stories, a new brilliant career story line, and a new "sweeping the str
Nba2k20 operation skills
Background: NBA 2k20 is a sequel to the basketball game NBA 2K series. NBA 2k20 contains five new NBA stories, a new brilliant career story line, and a new "sweeping the streets" mode. It can play 5-on-5 basketball games between active service and veteran NBA teamsDetailed explanation of nba2k10 keyboard operation skills (such as various back strokes, breakthrough, fancy dunks)
If you hold the ball, press and hold the shift key to make sure that there are players near the basket, and then press the space bar to throw the basketball to the basketAre there any skills and unique skills in NBA 2K online, such as turning and clicking
Example 3: when you dribble at a certain speed2K hidden basketball skills  and the new to approach the 3-second zone, you press the combination key and the direction key is opposite to the basket. At this time, you may make a hand to basketball stretching action. This action is more beautiful. If the defender is guarding against you, this action is very effective and will make you stay in placeWho has the control skills of 2K basketball series
2K basketball series is different from other basketball games and takes the lead in other basketball games. The biggest feature is that it has a perfect "pace system" (actually, it is the system of breaking through the layup and preparing for action during the attack. Here I call it "pace system", and I don't know what it actually is. I hope my friends can point out the correction, thank you)NBA 2kol various pitching skills
Shooting skills are actually very simple!! The first is to look at the hand shooting, which is released at the moment of shooting... Of course, many people are not used to it... The other is to look at the green shooting bars at the bottom, which may be 3 before shooting, and become 4 at the moment of shooting. Congratulations on your goal... In fact, many shooting methods are differen2K hidden basketball skills  and the new t, shootingNba2konline how to complete skills
> The so-called dunk has no skills, but it can complete various fancy dunks if allowed. However, the best way to dunk is to see the elected small forward with the highest success rate. The probability of riding and bucking others is higher than that of people in other positions! Nba2konline layup skills > 01 First。 Take the basketball to the basket. Then。 Take off your Trident pants and put them onNba2kol2 skills
Are nba2kol2 players very happy after they get the qualification for internal test? So what are the key operation modes used in the game? The following small series will bring you an introduction to the practical keyboard key operation methods. Interested players, let's have a lookWhat are the skills in the 2012nba2konline basketball game, such as some key combinations
Shift+w+a is a turn w+a is a jump w+d smashes the board and throws the ball to the basket direction key +d+d fancy layup shift+d+ direction key fancy dunk w+d fake throw w+s+ direction key to the basket to shake falsely. There are still some skills you can ponderNba2kol's methods of various unique skills (operation skills)
Nba2kolsg singles skills later2K hidden basketball skills  and the new 1 Take the backward step shooting of the shooting bag to open the space. Take the left direction to the left as an example, press and hold the acceleration + ←↑ to move to the left for a certain distance, release the ↑ key and press and hold ↓ + shooting to make a backward step jump shotHow does nba2konline do hidden actions
Nba2konline hidden action list: match or dy2K hidden basketball skills  and the new nasty service groundball: dribble shake up w+ fake pass e-point blue board: dribble shake up w+ backboard a by hitting: acceleration + key W by hitting shake up shoulder basket: press the special shooting key three times in the state of relying on hitting (any one of the zxcv can be the special shooting key)
2K hidden basketball skills and the new "horizontal

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